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About the Series

On the Ocean (available now!)

From the Founder of Board Girls for Good comes the first book in the series, “Board Girls on the Ocean”, an inspirational story of fearlessness, activism and adventure!


For every book sold, a new mangrove tree will be planted! Board Girls and Mangrove trees both have the power to reverse climate change and protect our ocean and its creatures! Click here to learn more about our Board Girls for Good partnerships.


This story inspires activism and bravery, proving that girls can do anything!


Learn more about Jenifer Novak, the story’s Illustrator and Publisher here: Children's Book Illustration - Fully Inspired Publishing.

Learn more about the magical place where this story takes place here: The author's Uncle owns and runs the Inn and Board Girls books can be purchased soon in his gift shop! 


The Series

Here’s how Board Girls came to be, in the Author’s words:

If what you’re looking for doesn’t exist, create it – they say. So here I am. A Mom and cybersecurity advisor, writing a book series that celebrates diversity and fearlessness, both in the natural and corporate world.


My 8 year old daughter (Abby) became interested in board sports and in an attempt to encourage any and all active-screen-free-fun activities, I looked for a children’s book to help inspire her to continue the pursuit of her newfound passion.


I was unable to find board-sport related children’s books whereby the main character is female, so I wrote my own, interweaving themes of environmental conservation.


My love of nature and my personal experience in corporate America has also served as inspiration for the series. My aim is simply to inspire females to find joy in nature, encouraging them to try sports (and career paths) that historically have been dominated by males.


In parallel, I’ve launched Board Girls for Good and am partnering with numerous non-profit organizations who will receive proceeds from each book sold! More information here.


Volume 1 – On the Ocean (Surfboard) – available now

Volume 2 – In the Neighborhood (Skateboard)

Volume 3 – On the Lake (Wakeboard)

Volume 4 – On the Mountain (Snowboard)

Volume 5 – In the Boardroom (Corporate)


Market Relevance for Board Girls

Countless studies prove that gender diversity plays an important role in supporting innovative activity and organizational change. Though boardroom diversity is increasing, progress is slow and women remain largely underrepresented.


The popularity of board sports is increasing rapidly (expected to reach $22B by 2027) and for the first time in history, Surfing and Skateboarding will debut as IOC approved Olympic Sports in Tokyo during the 2020 Summer Games!


Environmental conservation (and climate change) is one of the defining issues of our time. It is now more certain than ever, based on many lines of evidence that humans are negatively impacting Earth and all its living things. It’s critical that we enable our children to make a positive impact on the planet.

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